21 noviembre 2006

1. Catherine Spaak - La notte è fatta per... rubare
2. Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - It Had Better Be Tonight
3. Ennio Morricone & Miranda Martino - Meglio stasera
4. Petty Booka - Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian
5. Petty Booka - Baby It's You
6. Jeanne Moreau - Le tourbillon de la vie
7. Jeanne Moreau - Le blues indolent
8. Fran Jeffries, Henry Mancini - Meglio stasera
9. Marie Laforêt - When You Start Your Loving
10. Marie Laforêt - Qu'est-ce qui fait pleurer les filles
11. Magali Noël - Strip Rock
12. Magali Noël - Qu'est-ce que vous attendez
13. Juliette Gréco - Deshabillez-moi
14. Souvenir - Cherchez la femme
15. Ann-Margret & Al Hirt - Baby It's Cold Outside
16. Margo Guryan - Someone I Know
17. Geneviève Waite - Love Is Coming Back
18. Geneviève Waite - Girls
19. Kirsty MacColl - Bad
20. The Bunch - When Will I Be Loved
21. Sandy Denny - Whispering Grass
22. Laura Nyro - I Met Him on a Sunday
23. Judy Holliday - Am I Blue
24. Tina Louise - Let's Do It
25. Shelley Fabares - Football Seasons Over

Thanks to Onzichtbaredj for the following songs and images, they're a good bonus!


1. Waltel Branco - Meglio Stasera
2. Dean Martin - Baby It's Cold Outside
3. Enoch Light & the Light Brigade - Baby It's Cold Outside
4. Mel Henke - Baby It's Cold Outside
5. Lena Horne - It Had Better Be Tonight
6. Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery - Baby It's Cold Outside
7. Jack Marshall - Baby It's Cold Outside
8. Mondo Candido - Meglio Stasera

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Onzichtbaredj dijo...

Many thanks for such a superb jewelbox. Man, this is really fine. I must say that so far you did so many splendid postings. I could have done some myself, but I am too lazy for it. By the way from not a few songs have other versions in my computer.

Again applausa para você!!
Gracias senhorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Alan dijo...

Thanks, Onzichtbaredj! It will be wellcomed if you add a link to some other version you like.

Onzichtbaredj dijo...

I have the following:

1 Lena Horne - It Had Better Be Tonight
2 Cyrus Bassiak -Jules et Jim- Le Tourbillon
Meglio Stasera:
3 Waltel Branco - Mancini Também é Samba (1966)
4 Mondo Condido - Meglio Stasera
Baby It's Cold Outside:
5 Dean MArtin
6 Mel Henke
7 Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery - The Dynamic Duo Jimmy & Wes (1966)
8 Jack Marshall_Soundsville

Please let me know which ones you like to have and I will see what I can do

Alan dijo...

Oh, 'spasiba'! I would specially like to hear Le tourbillon by Cyrus Bassiak. Also that Brasilian version of Walter Branco, and Baby Is Cold Outside by Dean Martin. All seem very nice, thanks!!

Onzichtbaredj dijo...

I don't know what is wronmg with
Now I try free with but it onnly takes one file at a time. I made a folder with pictures and songs but now I have to send them one by one.

Alan dijo...

Thanks for making a folder with songs and images, Onzichtbaredj. Maybe you can try or some other to take less trouble. I think this is the same performance that I posted. Do svidania!

Onzichtbaredj dijo...

Your Download-Link #1:
Your Download-Link #2:
Your Download-Link #3:


Alan dijo...

I'll update this post, cheers to Your Laziness!

Onzichtbaredj dijo...

I am lazy, but what can you do if you have such a nice music. Gotta do something back.

Here are some images:

Your Download-Link #1:

Your Download-Link #2:

Your Download-Link #3:

Your Download-Link #4:

Your Download-Link #5:

Your Download-Link #6:
Your Download-Link #7:

Your Download-Link #8:

Your Download-Link #9:

Your Download-Link #10:

Onzichtbaredj dijo...

Nicely displayed.